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Even though the skies were grey, they did nothing to dampen the spirits of the parents who came in droves to the SISB Family Movie Day on 24th June 2017.

The event, which was open only to the SISB community, was the school’s way to thank parents, and give something back to them for all that they have done for the school, and for all their support.

Bright smiles pierced the dark clouds as the delighted audience left the Performance Auditorium after the movie, with some ecstatic children still humming the catchy tunes from the film.

However, the parents and students were not the only ones whom the school wanted to thank on that lovely Saturday.

The Parent Support Team (PST), our band of loyal parents, who have supported the school through thick and thin, were invited to a special evening reception at the back foyer of the SISB Creative Arts and Media Centre. The school management, including Khun Kelvin and Khun Wilawan, were present to mingle with the PST members in a relaxed setting and, more importantly, show their appreciation for them.

Khun Kelvin said: “Today is a day to say thank you, and to show our appreciation in a more informal and relaxed atmosphere. It’s about bonding, to allow people to understand the school better, and for us to understand one another better.”

Amidst all the fun and revelry that the evening brought, one thing was clear, and that is the common goal that the PST, the school and all the parents have.

“We have one objective, one purpose. All this is not for me, and not for you. It’s for your children,” said Khun Kelvin.

Khun Wilawan added: “We know that the parents love the school, the same way the management loves the school. No matter what problems we have, we will resolve it together.”