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F1 In Schools (Day 3)

Unfortunately, after the calculation of Seed Score, Team Legacy did not make it to the Knockout Competition despite being Top 24 as their overall Seed Score exceeded the limits. 

However, we are pleased to announce that Jerald Pourpongpan (Jiji) from Grade 7 Newton, who is part of Team Legacy as a supporting member, emerged the WINNER of the Paper Car Challenge! His paper car was made from scratch and folded into a shape of an F1 car. In his design, he included wings for it as well. To catch our proud moment, click here (2:57:10 - 3:00:00). 

Jiji took home a 3D mobile phone from Rocket (A 3D phone conveys depth perception to the viewer by employing stereoscopy or other forms of 3D depth techniques). This is a very prestigious prize as only the winner gets to have it. 

Jiji is the brother of Krischad, one of our "Main Team" participant. As each member of the team can only join the F1 in Schools World Finals twice, we should expect that Jiji will ultimately carry on the team's legacy in future competitions. 

We are extremely proud of Jiji and the team for making SISB proud! 

Do also take time to watch Team Legacy's Pit Interview here (50:35 - 51:40) where the emcee was very impressed with our Augmented Reality (AR) technology.  

Congratulations to Team Legacy!

We also look forward to the Awards Ceremony tonight at 10:00-11:30pm Bangkok time. Hopefully Team Legacy can bring home an Award as well. 

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