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Getting To Know Us - James Lawrence Galey
  • American
  • P2-Love Homeroom, English, Social Studies, ELS Teacher
  • 3 Years of Teaching Experience
  • Bachelor of Science from California State University Sacramento
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • Currently enrolled with the American Board of Certification in Teaching Excellence (ABCTE)

1. What attracted you to work and live in Thailand?
I first dreamt of coming to Thailand when I saw an advertisement with people riding elephants across a river and through a jungle.  I dreamt of bonding with my elephant and having a tropical adventure on one of the many islands.  I later learnt that elephants have to be broken before riding them and I lost the desire to ride one.  Still, for years I wanted to at least have a vacation in this beautiful country.  After teaching in China, I realised that as an English teacher I could apply for work in many places across the world.  I set my focus on Thailand.

2. What do you enjoy about life in Thailand?

Now that I’m here, I’ve had a chance to visit a few of the tropical paradise islands this country has to offer.  I love swimming in the warm ocean and exploring on a motorcycle.  I love taking my shoes off when I go into a store or a temple.  One of my favourite experiences was visiting a temple during a storm.  I can still feel my bare feet on the massive wooden steps of a spiral staircase as the rain washed down each step like a waterfall.  

3. What made you decide to join SISB?

My first teaching position in Thailand was at a rather run-down public school.  There was no air- conditioning, and many of the ceiling fans did not work.  We had only chalkboards, with no other teaching technology in the classrooms.  As my contract wound down, my partner and I started applying and we were ecstatic when we landed positions at SISB Thonburi, a new campus.

4. What do you like about working in SISB?

I am happy to have found a home with the new SISB campus at Thonburi.  I believe in providing a holistic education in which each child feels comfortable and can gain the confidence needed to succeed in the big world.  SISB supports this by providing the classroom tools to help our students progress in this lifelong journey.  

As I watch the children’s growth, I aspire to continue my own growth as their teacher.  SISB has been great about offering teachers opportunities for professional development.  Every chance to develop is an occasion for me to enrich my arsenal of teaching techniques, learn to better understand my students, and become a more versatile teacher.

5. What advice do you have for a person thinking of joining SISB?

The pace is quite fast and one needs to be ready to take the bull by the horns.  Be ready to join in the fun of all the different cultural events and activities.