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Learning Chinese 101

[OPEN TO PUBLIC] Parenting Masterclass

Learning Chinese is not as hard as you think!

Date: Nov 7, 15, 22 & 29, 2019 (four lessons) 

Time: 09:00 to 10:00 hrs

Venue: Black Box, Silpapirom Creative Arts & Media Centre (SISB Pracha Uthit campus)

Fee per lesson (includes snack and drink): Free* / 100 THB** / 200 THB *** 

*SISB parent / **Referred by SISB parent / ***Public

Payment: Upon registration at venue (cash only)

Being multi-lingual is not simply just another set of skills that will help your child get ahead in life. Sure, a good future is important but what about the other aspects? 

Research has shown that knowledge of languages helps a person to understand and appreciate cultural references and nuances, rekindle a sense connection with a person's heritage, history and family, and have the ability to express yourself fully in a variety of ways. 

In short, being multi-lingual opens up a world of possibilities!

Besides, if you join our Learning Chinese 101 Masterclass, you will soon realise that picking up Chinese, and helping your child learn a new language, is not as tough as you think it is :) You can learn more in four lessons:

Nov 7: Introduction to SISB Nursery-Kindergarten Chinese curriculum and answers to parents' common questions

Nov 15: Focus on Chinese-teaching activities such as songs, dances, story books, finger actions and more
Nov 22: Learn how to communicate with your kids in Mandarin using easy daily conversation
Nov 29: Learn about pinyin (Chinese phonics), Chinese strokes and Chinese characters

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